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People exercisebecause they want to be and feel healthy. Even though many people start thisprocess, there are only few that actually make some great success with it. Thisis because it really takes time and patience to get a perfect body and itcannot be done with exercises only and dieting is also needed.

Muscle regions

Usually, people tendto emphasize several muscle groups while exercising. Men usually tend to workout arms, pecs and abs, while women are more into lean muscles without anyexcessive fat tissue. Men also want to eliminate extra fat, but they arepreferring increased muscle mass. Developed abdominal area is something both, men and women like to have. But getting to that point can be a bit tricky. Thismeans that only working out abs as much as possible might not be enough. Strictdiet is also needed, particularly when there is a lot of extra pounds presentin the organism. Dieting should be carefully planned, and some say that acombination of a fast diet with normal, healthy eating can create the bestpossible result. Initial high loss of extra pounds with a fast diet is a greatstimulation for continuing with less strict diet, healthy and balanced. Examplefor this combination can be found in a South beach diet. Some basic rules of ahealthy eating include as many meals in a day as possible (5 or 6 at least),with the intake of healthy food only.


Dieting will eliminatethe excessive fat tissue and reveal the abdominal muscles. All that is left isworking out the abdominal area. We can divide abs into lower, upper and sideareas. Experts recommend that lower area should be done before the other areas. This is due to thenature of lower abs exercise, which uses legs in several forms. This alsoaffects other abdominal muscles. Performing upper abs exercises will affectmostly upper abs, while the rest of the abdominal region will not be affected.Some of the standard exercises include sit ups and crouches, with bicyclemotion done with legs and some other forms. Side areas are developed with sidesit ups and crouches. Although it might not seem like that at first, evenstandard push ups will have some effect on the abs. Another thing that shouldconstantly be done is pulling the stomach in. This is great for keeping thestomach flat and also, the constant low tension of the muscles will increasethe muscle mass in some small percentage.

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