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When it comes to the abdominal region, it is one of the few areas that everyone wants to make perfect. Unfortunately, that is not achievable so easily and it takes a lot of mental strength and some time. It can be said that couple of months of regular exercising and dieting can create a miraculous belly fat reduction.
When it comes to exercises that should be applied for belly fat reduction, it has to be said there are two types of physical activity that should be applied. One is cardio workout that affects the entire body and also focuses workout that specifically targets the abdomen. Cardio workout is desirable in this situation because it will activate many muscles, which will intensify burning of calories throughout the entire organism, including the abdominal area. Running would be an excellent choice for this type of workout. If it can be performed outside, that would even be better. People usually have more fun while exercising outside and they can mentally cope more easily with a hard training session. Also, there is usually more oxygen outside and that is a great thing for exercising. Furthermore, the airflow is increased outside and that might help with sweating and evaporation. When it comes to running, it should not be something with non-changeable tempo. Rhythm of running should be changing each time and the best thing would be to splash running with several sprints. Motions performed are the same but the intensity is much higher in sprints, and that will make the body use a lot more energy. Also, instead of running, treadmill and elliptical trainer can be used for the same final effect. Some say that elliptical trainer should burn more calories because the upper torso is more engaged than when using a treadmill.
Sit-up – this is a standard exercise for the abdominal region. It starts with a practitioner lying on the floor, with legs bent in knees or straight. The torso is then lifted up and towards legs. Hands are positioned aside (for beginners), or crossed behind the neck (for more advanced practitioners).Crunches – are a sit-up variant where knees are also pulled towards the chest.Leg raising – can also be done while practitioner is on the floor, but the best effect is achieved when the body is hanging with the help of pull up bar, for example.
Exercising is much more effective if it is combined with some diet. It is not a big secret that the carbs have to be reduced, but not much, especially if a training session is very intensive. In that case, carbs might have to be increased, but as it has already been said, that depends on the practitioner, the training schedule and the intensity of exercising.

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