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There are certain areas in the body that might need more attention when it comes to losing fat and strengthening. Of course, the most infamous region is definitely the abdomen. Fat has a tendency to attach more in this area because this region is determined for excessive fat storage, especially when it comes to men. This results in increased belly size and it has to be admitted that it is far from attractive.


So, to eliminate all these non attractive things, some serious workout has to be performed. Serious workout includes not only cardio, but strength building too. This combination must also include a healthy dieting program. Abdominal region has several areas, with three being most distinctive and those are upper abdomen, lower abdomen and side abdomen (love handles). Each of these areas has certain exercises that should be used for shaping. Love handle exercise for men which might be the most effective is side crunches.

For this exercise, a practitioner should be lying on the side with stretched legs, although some people bend legs in knees for additional intensifying of the exercise. Arm close to the floor can be on the floor, next to body or in front of it, for a better posture. The other arm can be bent in the elbow with the palm positioned on the back of the head. This will increase the effect on the entire side of the torso, including love handle. All that is left is raising the torso, with side torso going up first. This exercise can also be done in several variations. For example, the whole going up torso can be rotated so that it resembles a normal crunch. This will be beneficial for the entire abdomen, but for side abdomen only, the torso should not be rotated.


Even though side crunches are great for love handles, cardio workout must also be implemented for faster fat burning. This means that aerobics with torso rotating exercises should be done. This will additionally activate the side abdomen muscles, and it will extend this area completely, which is also important for a proper development of this area. Side crunches and sit-ups are using Flexing as the main movement. Even though effective, if only this workout is done, then shortening of the abdominal muscles might happen and that is not wanted at all. This is why for the best effect when it comes to love handles and the entire abdomen, a combination of cardio and muscle mass building is needed.

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