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For those who do not know, probably the most important part of overall good health and well being of a person is physical fitness. One can obtain physical fitness by indulging in exercise routines on a regular daily basis, accompanied by a healthy and well balanced diet and appropriate amounts of rest. There are certain categories which determine the actual physical fitness of a person and those include body composition, speed, balance, agility, endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

Body composition is actually what is referred to as body mass index, which stands for the ratio of muscles to body fat. Flexibility, speed, agility and balance are closely related and are excellent indicators of one’s overall physical fitness. Muscle strength is a term defined by a number of times a certain motion can be repeated or the length of time over which a certain position can be held.

Cardiovascular endurance is actually a term which defines how well the heart and lungs work in order to provide the body with enough oxygen during any type of physical activity.

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United States is known for its overall lack of physical fitness, and it is actually a serious problem which involves very high rites of obesity. Obesity is often associated with various different types of serious diseases such as diabetes. Due to the growing rate of obesity, the rates of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes are increased as well.

Another shocking fact is that 15 percent of America’s youth are actually overweight. Almost every person is well aware of the fact that the lack of physical activity is directly connected with being overweight. This is why children need to indulge in dancing, jumping rope, bike riding, running, athletics and other physical activities much more than in playing video games, watching TV or sitting at the computer.


Fortunately enough there are numerous options which can be helpful in increasing one’s overall physical fitness. The most common and probably the best options include strength training and aerobics. Aerobic exercise is actually any type of exercise which involves using large muscle groups in a rhythmic and continuous manner.

The most common types of aerobic exercises include swimming, stair climbing, running, jumping rope, fitness walking, in-line skating, cross country skiing, cycling and dancing. Strength training includes various different types of weight lifting activities such as abdominal crunches, leg extensions, squats, bicep curls and bench presses, among others.

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