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It is a scientifically proven fact that strength training can be an excellent and fun way of building healthy bones, joints and muscles in children. The program just needs to be well designed, and with proper supervision it can provide improved endurance, sports performance and the overall level of fitness. Strength training involves using rubber resistance bands, weight machines, body weight and free weights in order to build the muscles.

The resistance makes the muscles work harder in order provide motion so they gradually become more efficient and grow a lot stronger. These trainings are also very helpful when it comes to strengthening the tendons and ligaments whose main purposes is to support the bones and the muscles. Strength training may also be very efficient in improving the density of the bones.

It is also a widely known fact that strength training may also make a person feel much better and happier. Strength training often gets confused with weight lifting and bodybuilding, but its main purpose is not bulking up.

Age Guidelines

The program should be designed specifically for each child, as soon as she or he feels ready to participate in various sports or other sorts of physical activities. An experienced trainer is required, and he or she needs to show the child how to use all the equipment properly, teach all the safety precautions and show all the proper techniques used in the training.

Kids who are not older than 8 year, may do sit-ups and pushups. Exercises are excellent in helping them be aware of their bodies’ abilities, control and a sense of balance. All the exercises need to be learned without any resistance. The resistance can be added once the child learns how to perform specific exercises, and it can be added gradually.


It is of utmost importance to consult the doctor before having the child indulged in any type of strength training program. The child always needs to work out under proper supervision, using only the safest pieces of equipment whole following a routine which is suited to her or his age. The most common types of injuries which may occur are muscle strains, which usually do occur because of improper technique or inadequate resistance. Children should not use anabolic steroids or any other type of supplements which professional athletes use, because they may be very dangerous and induce various different types of side effects.

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