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Functional exercises are actually the latest trend among all those who indulge in physical exercising. They originate from various different types of rehabilitation processes. These exercises are very efficient in training the body so that it can perform various everyday activities on a much higher level. These exercises can be done easily at home or at work so that the patients may restore normal life after a surgery or an injury. Weight bearing activities are usually included and various types of equipment used in the exercising includes sandbags, balance disks, resistance tubes, exercise balls, medicinal balls, dumbbells and cable machines, among others.

Functional Exercise Training

Functional exercises are primarily designed for all those who need to improve their daily movements after a surgery or an injury, but they can also be done by healthy persons. These exercises are very efficient in providing the person with the most out of his or her body. While doing the exercises, one should always concentrate on the effects of each exercise because that is very helpful in strengthening the muscles and preventing any new injuries from occurring. One of the best functional exercises for those who like running are lunges. It involves plenty of bending and it provides the legs and the back with an excellent workout. It is also highly efficient in preventing back pain and knee pain. One needs to stand with feet apart and then bend the foot behind the body. The hips need to be tucked so that they and the back are stretched. The knees then need to be bent so that they do not touch the floor.

Other Forms of Exercise

Back extension is another potent type of exercise and it is especially helpful for all those who suffer from chronic back pain. This type of exercise can be very helpful for person from all different age groups. It strengthens the back muscles and releases the tension. One needs to lie on the floor facing down and then lift the chest, not using the hands. The position needs to be held for a few seconds before returning to the original position. Squats are very efficient in strengthening the legs. One needs to stand and then lower the torso so that the feet and the thighs become perpendicular. Push-ups are probably the best functional exercise. They are the best known exercise when it comes the strengthening the muscles at the abdomen, arms and the chest.

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