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Core exercises for seniors may be highly efficient andhelpful in maintaining one’s physical fitness, but still one needs to be wellinformed because these exercises may also be harmful if not performed properly.It is a well known scientific fact that starting from age 30, each person losesapproximately 1 percent of muscle mass with each year. This is why there are somany senior persons who indulge in various different types of physicalexercises in order to stay fit, strong, well balanced and healthy. Among thebest types of physical exercises are core exercises for seniors. The process ofaging is a continuous process and unfortunately enough it starts much earlierthan most people are willing to accept.

Core Exercises

For those who do not know, core muscles are the muscles ofthe pelvis, lower back, back and the abdomen. Male and female bodies arecharacterized by different physiology so the core exercise for men and womenare actually slightly different. Core exercises for senior are highly helpfulwhen it comes to maintaining proper movements and strengthening the back. Oneof the biggest advantages of core exercises for seniors is the fact that theycan be done at home or at work rather easily, so they do not require a personto go to the gym. It is a good idea to consult the doctor before indulging inany of those core exercise programs. Another important aspect of core exercisesfor seniors is that they are very efficient in providing a person with the muchneeded balance and posture which are, along with strength, required to avoidall different types of accidents, falls and injuries. Among the most common andthe easiest types of physical exercises are swimming, biking and walking. Thesnake posture is one of the most common core exercises for seniors and it isactually a Yoga exercise. One needs to lie on the stomach and lift the bodywithout the help from hands. Raising the knees is another highly functionalcore exercise for seniors. One needs tolie on the back and raise the knees so that they get close to the chest.Crunches are among the most popular core exercises for seniors. They are veryefficient in strengthening the abdominal muscles. The most commonly utilizedcore exercises for seniors are the so called limb extensions. One needs to lieon the stomach and extended the legs and the arms.

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