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Being physically active is very important at every stage of life. Even the young children should be encouraged to embrace this healthy lifestyle and promote their overall health and well-being. The same goes for elderly population. Growing old usually means losing bone density, having problems with balance and wasting muscular mass. Moreover, old age is often associated with many more or less severe health problems.

This is why most of the seniors prefer a sedentary lifestyle, believing that physical exercise can only make them feel fatigued and more prone to various injuries. Contrary to this opinion, seniors can vastly benefit from regular physical exercise. Some of the fitness programs, tailored especially for this population group, are low-impact, easy to perform and can improve strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion in seniors.

Resistance training, also known as strength training, is a great way for seniors to feel better and live healthier. Strength training with resistance bands forces the muscles to perform against tension created by an elastic band. With regular training, seniors will soon notice that many ordinary daily activities become easier than before. As an additional benefit, seniors will be able to keep their independent lifestyle for as long as they are fit and flexible.

Resistance exercises for seniors

One of the best resistance-band exercises for seniors is bicep curls. This is a great training for arm strength. It helps seniors to lift and carry various objects more easily, and improve tonus of their muscles. The exercise is performed by holding a handle of a band in each hand while standing on the middle of the band. The exerciser bends the knees and let the arms hang by the sides. Then, he or she straightens the back and slowly lifts the handles toward the shoulders.

Another great exercise is the upright row, focused on strengthening bones and muscles around the shoulder joints. People suffering from osteoarthritis can ripe many benefits from this training. The exercise begins by holding a handle in each hand and resting the hands on top of the legs. The exerciser again stands in the middle of the band and straightens the neck. Then, the exerciser slowly lifts the handles towards the chest by bending the elbows.

Seated row is great for those suffering from back pain. The exercise is performed by sitting on a floor while extending the legs to the front. The heels are on the ground, and the exercise holds a handle in each hand and warps the resistance band around the feet. Then, the exerciser sits up straight and strengthens the arms while lifting them 6 inches above your legs.

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