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There are a lot of reasons why people would want to do hip exercises. Some people are in need of doing them in order to better the health of their hips, while others just want better looking hips. Women are a lot more concerned about the look of their hips than men and that is why it is more women who are looking for new exercises that will improve the look of their hips. Saggy hips are especially not attractive and almost every person who has the will want to get rid of them. People need not worry too much since there are certain exercises that will help them achieve their goal and get rid of them.

Good looking hips are important if a person wishes to have an appealing physical appearance. Not a lot of people are aware that hips are particularly troublesome and a person will need to put in a lot of effort in order to make them look good and healthy. Women are more troubled with their hips than men due to the fact that their bodies tend to store fat in the lower parts of the body which includes hips and thighs.

A person who has too much fat stored in the hip area will not have a good physical appearance. However, these people need to know that there are exercises that will help them get rid of that excess fat.

Hip exercises for women at home


There are a lot of hip exercises that people can do at home but lunges are probably the most common. Experts believe that this is the best exercise if a person wishes to have tight buttocks. First of all, a woman will need a pair of dumbbells that are not that heavy.

When doing this exercise, a woman should start in an upright position, holding the dumbbells in her hands. The dumbbells should be left hanging on the sides of the body. From the standing position, a woman should step forward with her left leg and touch the floor with her right knee. It is important to keep the back straight all the time.

When the knee touches the floor, both thighs should be parallel and both knees should be bent in the right angle. After this, a woman should return to the starting position and perform the exercise with the other leg. There are several types of lunges like static lunges, side to side lunges, wheel lunges and low lunges.

Apart from the lunges, there are some other exercises that can be performed like glute kickbacks, butt bridge and dumbbell squat. Before performing any of the exercises it is best that a woman consults an expert.

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