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When you compare the men to women there are many differences, one being their hips. Women are far more prone to suffering with problems with hips because their bodies are designed to store fat. This is where a catch twenty two issue can show its head, to show off an attractive physical appearance, you ought to possess well toned hips.

Hip Exercises for Women

To prevent the extra fat depositing itself on your hips you will need to do some form of exercise, these exercises do not need to be excessively complicated. It is suffice to ensure every day that you keep your hip joint in some form of motion for example walking, swimming, and even riding a bicycle.

Walking Exercise for the Hips of Women

If someone has sustained an injury to a joint, physicians will most of the time recommend some form of low-impact exercise. By going for a walk is the easiest way to ensure a joint is getting a little motion. By walking up hills, up stairs or even just sticking to level grounds will encourage the bursa which is inside the ball and socket joint to grease it and keep it moving smoothly. To increase the resistance you can put on some ankle weights however you should consult your doctor first before doing this. The same goal can be achieved by carrying heavy objects up the stairs, but again this needs to be done under the advice of a doctor to assist you with the correct weight allowance for you.

Riding a Bicycle for Exercising the Hips of Women

The hip joint consists of a ball and socket mechanism. So with this in mind, it’s easy to imagine that exercise consisting of a circular motion is recommended to keep it moving without restraint and without dislocating it. For the beginners, they need to ride a bike on flat ground so not to encourage any injuries. Later on the hills can be included to the exercise regime. Some people like the idea of a stationary bike to ride in the calm of their own home. Some people choose this option so they can do other activities at the same time like read a book which will also serve as motivation for them. You can opt for one form of exercise or many, it really will depend on your lifestyle. Even by doing just one form of exercise a few times a week will help your hips to last longer and it will also prevent the fat deposits from building up.

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