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There are many exercise programs to choose from today that all work on different concerns you may have, some will develop muscles whilst others concentrate on stamina. In recent years, circuit training has become rather popular among women. What is Circuit Training

Circuit training is basically a number of exercises performed one after another. The exercises chosen for circuit training for women are particularly good as they are designed for the female body in the sense that they work on the problem areas that effect women as well as their general fitness. The exercises usually include some that work on strengthening the body and others that concentrate on the cardiovascular system. The circuit training will usually consist of certain equipment for instance weights such as dumbbells and barbells. There is a particular sequence to follow with the exercises and they will be performed for a set number of times. Benefits if Circuit Training

Body toning, flexibility and strength are just some of the key circuit training gains. This type of training is very good for those people who wish to lose weight as it keeps the heart rate at an increased level for an extensive period of time. The exercises are not easy, in fact they are challenging as well as rewarding and this combination helps to build a person’s self confidence. Circuit training can be adapted to suit the needs of those partaking in the activity, such as swimmers and boxers.Circuit Training Workouts for Weight Loss

Crunches, lunges, back extensions, military presses, bench presses, leg extensions, squats, and biceps curl are a few of the finest circuit training workouts for women. The lunges are very good for weight loss. To do this exercise you should stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart and put your right foot in front. At this point you should bend at the knees so you are in the lunge position. You need to ensure your right foreleg is parallel with the ground and make sure you keep your abdominal tight. You will need to stay in this position for a half a minute and then you can swap legs and repeat this fifteen times on each leg. Squats are also great for weight loss, again stand straight with the feet shoulder width apart and put your arms out in front of your body. Hold in your abdominal and squat down so your thighs are lying parallel to the floor.

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