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It is not a secret that the majority of women who take care of their body and want to look attractive pays particular attention to the looks of their legs. This is why a number of exercises in fitness gyms are focused exactly on this part of the body. However, what the greatest part of them is not aware of is that the muscles of the butt, hip and thigh area are closely connected, and with the right exercising program, the entire lower area of the body can be improved significantly in a much shorter period of time than expected. And with a lot less effort, too.

Typical mistakes

Women are afraid that exercises for things will make their thighs look bigger and that they might eventually look like female bodybuilders because their goal is to look slim. This is why they tend to avoid heavy weights and use lighter ones instead. However, the truth is that it is much better to use heavier weights, because this way fat will be burnt, and with the number of repetitions that does not exceed 12, there is no way to get bulkier thighs. Instead, with a proper nutrition, the thigh muscles will become well toned and shaped very easily.

Best exercises for good-looking thighs

Dumbbell lunges have a great effect on the glutes, quads and both inner and outer thighs. They can be performed with dumbbells or barbell, and it is recommended that there is no distance between the feet. In a standing position, with a pair of dumbbells in hands, the person needs to step forward and bend a knee as close to the ground as possible. The back needs to be straight all the time, and from the kneeling position, the person should push oneself back to the initial one and repeat the same for the other leg. Leg extensions are beneficial for better definition and shape of the front part of thighs. They are done in a sitting position, on a leg extension machine, to be more precise. The weight should be lifted up with straightened legs and a short pause should be made before lowering the weight in a slow manner. Leg press machine is perfect for good looking legs, particularly for the gluts, hamstrings and quads. What is good about it is that the back does not have to put up with extra pressure. The instructor will show a proper sitting position, and it is important that the feet are at shoulder width distance. The legs should be bent until the knees reach a 90 degree angle, and then straightened as the weight is lifted up.

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