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There are a lot of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. People who suffer from it want to know about all the things that they can do in order to manage the disease and better their overall health. Performing certain exercise is very important and people should get to know them. Apart from the exercise, it is very important for people suffering from type 2 diabetes to combine them with a proper diet and medicine. This way they will be able to have better control over weight and blood sugar levels.

The way that exercise help control type 2 diabetes

People need to know that by performing certain exercise they will better the body’s use of insulin, burn excess fat in the body, reduce the amount of weight, enhance muscle strength, better bone density and strength and lower blood pressure. Apart from all these benefits, a person suffering from type 2 diabetes who performs exercise will also reduce the chance of suffering from heart and blood vessel diseases, better blood circulation, have more energy and even reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

How does exercise affect blood sugar levels?

It is normal for the pancreas to release insulin when the amount of blood sugar rises. That insulin is important for the stimulation of the liver and muscles to take in excess glucose and that is when blood sugar levels become low.

When people exercise, the muscles need more glucose. There is no problem when short burst exercise are considered like a quick sprint to catch a bus because muscles and the liver can release stores of glucose for fuel. However, it is not the same with continued moderate exercises because the muscles need a lot more fuel.

That is when blood sugar levels become low. However, intense exercise can have the opposite effect on people suffering from diabetes and increase the levels of blood sugar.

There are some exercises that are especially good for people with diabetes and strength training is especially good. Aerobic fitness helps a lot with people who suffer from diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes and exercise tips

Probably the best tip for people suffering from type 2 diabetes is to follow a regular routine of exercising, consuming proper meals and taking prescribed medicines in order to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

Since prolonged exercises are known to cause the blood sugar levels to rise, people should talk to the doctors about adjusting the intake of insulin medicine. Exercising with someone who knows that a person is suffering from diabetes is a good tip. Talking to the doctor about the type of exercise is important as well. Getting to know the effect of certain exercises on the blood sugar levels is also important.

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