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Chest exercises for women

Can exercising improve the chest in women?

Even though many women find it much easier to undergo a surgery in order to improve the looks of their breast and chest area, the fact is that exercising can do wonders for this part of the female body and shape it in a much more natural way. It might sound hard to believe, but there are exercises that can bring the desired look of the chest area, although they do need to be performed in the right way and the right posture and balance are also necessary. Some of them can even be done at home and with the help of dumbbells. What they do is lift the breast and chest muscles, strengthen them and lift the breast tissues, thus toning weak chest muscles and upper body at the same time.

Which exercises for chest should women do?

Before beginning with any exercise, it is of utmost importance to stretch the muscles and areas that will be worked on, and in this case, those are upper chest area, inner and outer chest upper area and overall pec area. As for the recommended exercises, those are bench press, pushups, incline and decline bench press.

  • Incline push ups are done in the following position: facing downwards, hands need to be shoulder-width apart or a little broader even, and on something strong and safe such as bench or desk, for example. Feet are hip-width apart and toes are on the floor. The body first lowers down to 4-8 inches from the bench or desk, and then returns to the starting position.
  • Ladies push ups can also be done if the person is at the beginning stage, but it is important to perform them correctly, which means that the entire body needs to be aligned. Four sets are recommended, with 2 minute pause between the sets.
  • Decline chest press requires lying on the back on declined bench with knees and feet in a comfortable position. Dumbbells should be in each hand and they need to be lifted straight up with palms faced outwards. The position should be held for a few seconds, and then the person should return to the starting position.
  • Incline bench press is done on a 50 degree inclined bench. The exercise consists of lowering the barbell to approximately one inch off the upper chest area, and then pushing it back up. Four sets of eight repetitions are recommended.  

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