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Exercising is a great thing! Not only the body will become nicely shaped and strong without the excessive fat tissue, but there are also some other benefits that might not be visible. A very important thing gained with constant and proper exercising is stronger immune system, which can easily deal with some conditions (seasonal flu, for example). Also, things that should be mentioned are increased overall energy and libido, better performance of certain systems, better breathing, easier digestion etc.

Body areas

There are exercises that affect the entire body and activate several muscle groups at the same time, but there are also forms that are performed in order to develop a specific area. This is used for those regions that have more fat, muscles that are not easily toned and similar. Leg muscles may be included in this group of areas, but not because of the mentioned difficulties. Those who perform exercises recreationally usually skip leg exercises or do not work out legs as much as necessary. This is wrong, as well as people thinking that six packs, no fat and big biceps are all that matters. When it comes to posture and basic movements, there is nothing more necessary than strong back and strong legs.


Lunges and squats are exercising forms that develop legs and should be included in each training schedule. These forms can be performed each session, or there is another variant in which one session weekly is used for only these and similar exercises.

Lunges – basically, this could be called stepping forward and back with a difference in the size of the step. From standing position, one feet is lifted and pushed forward as much as possible. This requires the other foot to be in the same spot, no matter what. So, in order to be stable, the knee of the back leg will have to be lowered, almost touching the floor. Changing the tempo and adding some dumbbells will intensify this exercise, which will also affect the final outcome.Squats – this is an exercise which is one of the most effective forms. This is because many muscles are involved in performing squat motion. It starts in a semi crouching position in which hips are lowered but not lower than knee level, while the legs are slightly bent in knees. From this position, hips are lifted to a normal standing position and then the motion is repeated as many times as set with an exercising schedule. This variant of squats usually uses additional weights. Barbell is placed on the shoulders behind the neck and held with hands. This is an excellent exercise for legs, back and the core. If no additional weight is present, hips can be lowered all the way, as much as possible.

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