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Obesity is one of the biggest health problems of modern age. A person who is obese needs to lose weight in order not to suffer from various health problems. Not all people are obese, some are just overweight and some suffer from fat in some particular parts, like the stomach for instance. Belly fat is a common problem for both men and women. Women pay more attention to physical appearance than men and that is why they will work harder in order to get rid of belly fat. A woman who has got belly fat need not worry too much since there are ways she can lose it. Exercises are an essential part of the process of losing belly fat.

Belly fat

When excessive fat gets accumulated in the body, a person will end up with belly fat. There are lots of factors that lead to gaining belly fat and some of the most common are hereditary factors, sedentary lifestyle and eating habits that are not at all healthy. Almost all people hate having belly fat and will do anything in order to get rid of it. There is no method that will get rid of belly fat only and that is why people need to burn fat in the entire body. A proper diet and regular exercise are essential parts of this process. The best exercises to lose belly fat are cardiovascular, oblique and abdominal exercises. People should not worry too much since there are lots of these exercises that can be performed at home.

Home exercises to decrease belly fat in women

Bicycle crunch is a good exercise to lose belly fat and a lot of women prefer doing this exercise. A person must lie down in order to perform this exercise. After placing the hands behind the head a woman should raise the upper body through shoulders, bring the bend in the left knee but keep the right leg straight. After that, a woman should try touching the left knee with the right elbow. After that, a woman should return to the starting position and perform the exercise but with another leg. This should be repeated at least ten times for each leg.

Alternate toe-touch is a good exercise to lose belly fat as well. Again, a woman should start by lying down and raising her legs completely so that the feet are parallel to the ceiling. After that, a woman should raise her chin and chest towards the ceiling and try to touch the left foot with her right arm. This should be done with the other arm as well and 10 repetitions should be performed for each side.

Apart from these two, reverse crunch and alternate knee-in are also good exercises to lose belly fat.

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