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Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits, often called aslow killer. Smoking habit is a problem that can be viewed from several angles,medical, sociological, psychological etc. Creating the motivation to kick thecigarette smoking habit might be directly related to the cause of startingsmoking in the first place.

Medical point of view

Smoking can induce creation of malign cells! This is themost important medical aspect that should be mentioned when talking about smoking.Affected areas are usually lungs and throat, although this does not happen immediately, of course. Usually, years are required for this condition to happen, but once it does happen, it could end tragically. To prevent this, the best thingthat can be done is quitting smoking. It is not easy, several tries might beneeded, but it is definitely achievable. As for other physical issues, there are coughing(usually in the morning), yellowish fingers and teeth, sometimes even bad breath.Also, people who smoke lose their smelling and tasting sense, so they cannotenjoy in food like other people.

Sociological/psychological aspect

People usually start to smoke in their teen years, when theytry to establish an easier contact with other teens in their vicinity (usuallyfrom school) and to fit in better. The teen age is very sensitive for people, a timeof intense emotional and psychological development and also a time when somebad habits like smoking and drinking might take place. Of course, when a teenagerbecomes an adult, bad habits remain and then the consequences come.


A person must stimulate and motivate himself if ceasingsmoking is wanted. The mentioned physical problems will be gone and that should bethe best motivator. What is better than being able to breathe easily in themorning and without that obnoxious coughing, which is usually followed by badbreath? In order to eliminate this bad habit, some things can be done. Some activityhas to be included, something for fingers to be occupied with, because cigarettewill not be present anymore. Also, there is help from certain medications; eventherapy sessions can be used. Group sessions might be very helpful because theygather people who are fighting the same fight so they can give support to eachother. It is essential to emphasize that kicking the cigarettesmoking habit might be one of the most important things a person can do inlife, since it will prolong that life and raise its quality.

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