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When it comes to nicotine, it can be said that it is one of the addictions that some people do not take seriously. To some point, it is understandable because the worst thing that can happen is cancer, and it happens after years of smoking, sometimes even decades. If it happens at all. It is true that this does not happen often, but there are also some other problems that should be avoided and that are created thanks to the nicotine. So, what are negative effects of nicotine usage on human physiology?

Health problem

There are some outer signs that emerge after some time spent using nicotine. Those are changed colors of teeth and fingertips, especially those that hold cigarette. People develop bad breath and usually the loss of sense of taste occurs. There is also morning coughing, which is actually a common thing for almost all smokers. When it comes to inner changes, it has to be said that lungs have to suffer the strongest impact. This is because nicotine constricts the breathing pathways and that leads to the lack of oxygen in the body, which directly affects distribution of blood through the system. This ends in other medical consequences that should be avoided with stopping smoking. As mentioned, under the influence of nicotine and other toxic substances from cigarettes, cells can sustain mutations and induce creation of malign tumor. As for other organs, the brain should definitely be mentioned, because it is where mental addiction to nicotine is created. It is because of the release of dopamine under the influence of nicotine, which is what raises mood. Mental addiction is probably the biggest issue when battling nicotine addiction and that might take years before it is completely gone. If it is gone at all.

Solutions of the problem

There are several methods that can be used in dealing with nicotine addiction, but one deserves more explanation. It is the simplest method, cold turkey, which requires sudden cut down of cigarettes to 0. Nothing else. It sounds hard and it actually is. Physical addiction is not such a problem, but the mental one will create headaches definitely. Some ex smokers even dream of smoking years after the last cigarette. The problem is that if one cigarette is lit after quitting, the second one will come immediately and the habit is back again. So, if cold turkey does not succeed, there are always other methods, such as Zyban, lobelia, nicotine patches, therapy sessions, hypnosis, auto hypnosis etc. It is obvious there are many options available for those who want to quit smoking but need some help in the process, so one of these will definitely work.

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