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Smoking cessation review

Smoking is one of the biggest problems today; at least when it comes to human health, but it is obvious that things are starting to improve, even though those are small steps. It is already known that the biggest health risk when it comes to cigarettes is related to the lung and throat cancer. Even though this threat is real and obvious, many people still continue with smoking, endangering their health and the health of people who surround them.    


What would a smoking cessation review tell us? When it comes to US, it seems that the number of non-smoking people (including ex smokers) is slowly rising, and the percentage is about 50:50 now. Even though this might be called a relative success, there is still a lot to do until smoking is drastically diminished. The main problem for people who smoke is how to stop smoking and it is more of a mental problem than anything else. There is also physical addiction, but that one can be subdued in matter of weeks. Psychological one is much more problematic.

The mental issue

It can be said that a desire to light a cigarette will never pass, even if people have not been smoking for years, even decades. There are many cases of people who have stopped smoking years ago and then they lit a cigarette with no apparent reason. There are also many people who claim that they dream of smoking from time to time. The biggest problem involving mental addiction is dealing with stress. Each time stress accumulates more than normally, that is a clear signal to a brain that nicotine is needed. Some people even start shaking if the cigarette is not available.

Many people stop smoking without any additional help. There are pills, light cigarettes, patches, even injections that should help people who want to quit smoking. But the most common and most used method is just leaving the cigarettes, quitting entirely or with reducing the number over some period of time. Some people use occasional situations when they are accidentally left without cigarettes and are unable to acquire any. Similar situation is when people go for some operation that put them into intensive care for a day or two, where smoking is forbidden. This is an excellent opportunity and some smokers use it. There are some problems smoking quitters might have to deal with it. Since hands, mouth and teeth are free now, something has to be done with them and that is usually overeating. The other problem is depression, which is related to the mental aspect of quitting smoking.  

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