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We all know that smoking is an extremely unhealthy habit.Still, one’s will to quit smoking is usually not strong enough. There are manyside-effects of smoking, but they are usually not enough to stop one’s smokinghabit. Although these side-effects may not be enough to describe the dangerousconsequences of smoking, they may be considered as a warning sign for those whosmoke extremely.

Cigarette Smoking Risks

Smoking affects almost every system in the human body. Itaffects the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, reproductivesystem, etc.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Smoking increases deposits of cholesterol in the main bloodvessels, and also, decreases plasticity of the arteries. This leads tonarrowing of the arteries. Disease caused by decreased plasticity of the bloodvessels and cholesterol deposits is known as atherosclerosis, and it causesformation of blood clots. Cigarette smoking can also cause the thrombosis, andconsequently, heart attacks. If blood clot forms in the cerebral vessels, aperson could experience a stroke and as a consequence, paralysis.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer probability increases with the number of yearsone have been smoking and number of cigarettes one smokes per day. Lung canceris the most dangerous consequence of constant smoking. Active smokers can alsodevelop mouth cancer. Mouth cancer usually affects the area under the tongue oron the lips and the treatment of this form of cancer can be extremely hard.Colon cancer is also some usual type of cancer that affects smokers. Furthermore, it is not rare for smokers toget bladder cancer, throat cancer, pancreas cancer, etc.

Some More Cigarette Smoking Effects

There are various “minor“ effects of cigarette smoking.Those are: worsening of asthma for people suffering from this disease; constantcough, since the lungs are irritated by cigarette smoke constantly; people whosmoke are more prone to infertility problems than those who do not smoke; drymouth and the lack of appetite. People who smoke tend to have wrinkledgray/yellow skin, pale look, hair problems and yellow teeth and fingers.Smoking also makes it harder for you to practice any sports or physicalactivity. This is because a hard physical effort can result in coughing andshortness of breath in smokers. Teenagers which smoke usually do not developproperly.

Smokers are commonly affected by lethargy and lack ofenergy. This happens because years of smoking break our body, and though we arenot aware of that when we are young, this can have a serious impact when we getolder.

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