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Living healthy is nice to hear about, but the very difficult toapply in your own life. There are not many people who can say that they livewithout vices, completely healthy. And that is one of the factors for having along and quality life. Major vices that make problems in our lives, when itcomes to medical aspect, are alcoholism, use of cigarettes, drug abuse andobesity. We can add promiscuous behavior, because it can easily lead to allsorts of sexually transmitted diseases.


Use of cigarettes is one of the major problems today, the onethat non-smokers are constantly battling with. And we might say that the battles areslowly but steadily won, because many people are quitting, or trying to quitsmoking. Nicotine is simply bad for health and one of the main medical problemshere is the accumulation of toxic material in the lungs, in the breathingpathways. Those substances cause morning coughing and constant use ofcigarettes can induce bad breath, yellowish fingers and teeth. Unfortunately,there are those who are smoking so much that malign cells appear and then thesituation becomes very dangerous. Also, the use of cigarettes can eliminate thesmelling sense and mouth taste too. But it is obvious that lung cancer(sometimes throat cancer, too) is the most dangerous thing that can happen andthat, of course, must be avoided.

How to stop smoking

First step in preventing the possible conditions that mightoccur because of smoking is quitting smoking. Of course, that sounds easy, butthe reality is something completely different. There is also psychologicaladdiction and that is not easy to beat. We know of many people with shakinghands who are in the process of quitting smoking. There are many productsavailable today that are advertised as the best helpers in quitting smoking.But what would be the natural way to quit smoking? There is no definite answer,but some tips might help. There must be some idea what to do with fingers thatare always used to hold a cigarette, perhaps a hand strengthening rubber circlecan help. Also, people should increase the number of meals (decreasing theamount, of course). This helps because when cigarettes are left out, sensesreturn and there is a risk of accumulating extra pounds. Some people used thingslike surgeries to quit smoking. After some surgery, there is usually a period ofday or two when there is no smoking available and that might be a good time forleaving cigarettes. It is also a good idea to fill a day with all sorts ofdifferent activities so that a mind cannot focus on how to grab a smoke.

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