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Smoking is really one of the nastiest habit that humans have developed. This is because they endanger not only themselves, but also people in their close physical vicinity, and usually, those are family members and friends. And unfortunately, there is increased risk of getting affected by a lung cancer. This is a condition that more than often ends tragically, especially if not discovered in time. And it cannot be expected from people who poison themselves and the others to go for regular medical check up even occasionally.

Stop smoking

Those lucky ones end up with really bad breath, yellow teeth and fingers and more or less complete lack of tasting sense in mouth. There is also infamous morning coughing, which is characteristic of almost all long-term smokers. This is how they excrete material accumulated overnight in the lungs. So, the only thing that has to be done is smoking cessation and stop smoking aids are constantly reminding smokers of that. It is not an easy task, but it has to be done if a person wants to be healthy and not endanger anyone else.


There are physical and psychological addiction that the smokers should get rid of. Both of those addictions are not easy to deal with, but it is possible. Physical addiction needs at least couple of weeks to disappear, and it might seem fairly difficult. The real problem is in the mental addiction, which is exactly where many fail, even after years of not smoking. Some dream about it, some cannot be in the same room with smokers, while there are very few people who completely dislike the smell of cigarettes. Honestly, these are rare cases.

It has to be admitted that a large role in decreased number of smokers has a worldwide anti-smoking campaign. Non-smoking aids can be seen everywhere, both young and old are taught of bad effects of smoking. And there are also more drastic measures, there are laws that forbid smoking almost everywhere. In modern countries, in each company, there must be a person who is controlling if the non-smoking rules are applied. There are high money penalties for companies if those rules are broken.

So, how to quit smoking? Well, use everything available and always ask for help. That help can be in the form of medications, hypnosis, group or individual therapy sessions etc. But the most important thing for a smoker is to want to become a non-smoker, a person mentally and physically healthy.

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