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For those who do not know, bulging disc is a certain type of medical condition which affects the lower back and the spine. It is characterized by bulging of the intervertebral disc. This medical condition is not always associated with painful sensations so it is not that easy to identify.

When does Bulging Disc usually occurs?

Bulging disc usually occurs in people who are over 40 years old and is usually diagnosed and detected by using magnetic resonance imaging. There are also cases in which bulging disc may be rather painful and it may cause troubles in carrying out all different types of daily activities. This is all caused by the pressure on the spinal nerves which occurs once the disc gets bulged. These nerves are responsible for controlling virtually every activity in the human body and they are extremely sensitive. When the pressure becomes excessive than all the painful sensations occur.

Exercises for Bulging Disc

Most people know that regular exercising may be of great help when it comes to strengthening the body, and bulging disc is not an exception to that. Exercises can be considered as the most natural way of getting rid of bulging disc without the need for any surgeries or other complicated and uncomfortable treatment methods. Surgeries may be efficient but they also involve recovery which may be painful as well and prevent the person from indulging in normal physical activities for some time. There are also cases in which surgeries actually did not solve the problem permanently. Exercises are very helpful for all those who suffer from bulging discs, but they may also be enhanced and accompanied by massage therapy as well. Massage therapy is also very efficient in relaxing the muscles and improving the circulation of blood. One should always consult the doctor before indulging in any type of exercises for bulging discs, because they may not be equally helpful for everyone. One of the best exercises for bulging disc is therapy ball exercise. It involves lots of fun and it is actually among the simplest exercises available. One just needs to sit on an exercise ball and jump on it in order to pump the discs and get the oxygen to the disc jelly. Another common one is back extension exercise. One just needs to lie on the floor on the stomach and try to lift the body without using the hands. The position needs to be held for a few seconds before returning to the original one. Knee rolls and knee chest exercise are also among the most commonly utilized ones.

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