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Water aerobics is also often referred to as aqua aerobicsand it is actually a certain type of exercise routine performed in water simplyin order to utilize the natural resistance of water for improved effectiveness.This type of exercise routine is used by persons from all age groups, but it ishighly recommended for seniors mainly due to the fact that it involves thelowest risk of joint pain and injuries possible. Water aerobics is highly beneficialfor the heart and it is actually one of the best cardiovascular exerciseregimes known to man. In most cases, this type of exercise routine is performedin the shallow portions of swimming pools so that people who cannot swim mayalso participate. Water aerobics is an excellent way of staying in shape andgetting rid of the heat at the same time.

Water Aerobics Exercises

The main advantage of water aerobics over other types ofexercises is that it provides the natural resistance of water which makeswalking a challenge, not to mention any other type of motion. It does not involvethat much intensity as the other exercise regimes do, so it is the right thingfor seniors. Water aerobics is very efficient in strengthening the bones andthe joints and also in building lean muscle mass. There are certain typicalexercise routines which are always included in water aerobics trainings andthose include cycling, kicks, jumps and walks. Cycling involves paddling withthe legs while holding onto a rail. Kicks are excellent at increasing the rangeof motion and strengthening the muscles. Jumps are an excellent workout becausethey do not involve the high impact which occurs when a person jumps on theland. Walking in water is another excellent resistance workout regime.

Benefits of Water Aerobics for Seniors

Water aerobics is excellent in providing resistance andsupporting the body. It is also highly beneficial because it reduces the riskof common injuries such as sprains, strains and muscle pulls and all sorts ofinjuries which commonly occur when a person falls. Water aerobics is alsohighly beneficial for all those who want to lose excess weight because an hourof exercising may burn from 300 to 450 calories. The amount of burned caloriesdepends solely on the intensity of the training. Water aerobics is also anexcellent option for all those who need some sort of rehabilitation aftersurgery.

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