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Chest muscles can be developed not just through the use of weight lifting and weight training, but also through the employment of certain types of exercise. There are many exercises and routines that can assist in the development of chest muscles that do not involve using weights.

Types of exercises

Push ups are a good way to build up the chest muscles. Push ups can be performed against a countertop, on the knees, on the toes or whilst using a medicine ball. Performing pushups against a countertop is a great way for beginners to start their push up exercise regime. Ideally, one should start with sets of twelve push ups. As the days go by, this count should be increased until one feels comfortable moving on to the next type of push up. The most common method of push ups are push ups on the toes. The most advanced form requires the usage of a medicine ball, which does require some experience and a base level of shoulder strength.

Pull ups are another great way to work on the chest area. The only piece of equipment required for this is a pull up bar. There are different forms of pull up exercise, including the inward palms position, close grip pull ups and wide grip pull ups. Pull ups work out the lats, chest, shoulders, abs and back muscles. They will also help you to develop a good level of upper body strength.

Swimming can be great when it comes to giving the whole body a work out. Swimming for half an hour three or four times per week can provide an excellent chest workout. Further to this, one can enhance the workout by varying the type of stroke you perform during each session.

Undergoing some yoga training can also be of benefit with regard to the chest muscles. In particular, the Asana and Bhujangasana exercises can have excellent chest-developing benefits. These benefits can also help to tone up the entire body.

Chair dips are a good way to work out the chest muscles. Raise your body between two chairs placed slightly more than shoulder width apart. Then lower yourself towards the ground before returning to the original position. This exercise can be tough and might require some practice.

Resistance bands can also be used to develop the chest muscles. Resistance bands, in essence, replace weights. One can include the use of resistance bands into the exercises we have detailed so far, particularly with regard to push ups.

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