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The idea behind toning exercises is to lose body fat and replace it with muscle. It is more than possible to tone ones body without the use of weights. When you tone muscles, you will do so with the aim of making them stronger and increasing their endurance capabilities. In order to develop stamina and endurance, one needs to regularly work out the muscles. Body toning is a great way through which we can achieve our desired body shape.

Upper Body exercises

Pull ups are a great way to tone the arms without employing the use of weights. To perform a pull up, you will need a bar on which to perform the exercise. Place the hands shoulder width apart on the bar. Then, raise your body until your chin is at the same level as the bar. Repeat the process as many times as you can with overworking the muscles. Try to do about two or three pull up sessions each week. This exercise will help to tone the chest, arms, shoulders and the sides of the back. Be sure to take care to avoid injury when performing pull ups. Use smooth, non-jerky movements and breathe as deeply and smoothly as possible.

Performing planks will require one to put ones body weight on ones forearms and toes. When performing planks, be sure to keep the body in as straight a line as possible.

The abdomen can be toned through the use of crunches. First, lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head, and make sure you keep your feet flat on the ground. The knees should be bent. Slowly lift the upper body upwards, while at the same time pushing the lower back towards the ground. The crunching and lowering can be done slowly.

Lower body exercises

Lunges and squats are good workouts for the lower body. This type of exercise will work out the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Lunges are easy to perform and can provide great results. Put one leg forward and keep the opposite knee close to the ground. The front knee should be at a right angle. Switch legs and repeat the steps.

In order to perform squats, one should place the feet shoulder width apart and hold your arms out in front of you. Then, lower the hips towards the ground. While doing so, make sure that the thighs remain parallel to the ground.

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