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Barbell exercises are the quickest way to tone the body and build nice muscles. However, not everyone can afford a gym membership or buy home equipment. Fortunately, many simple and effective home exercises can help to tone the body and to look and feel better. Body toning workout without weights is especially good for beginners and all those who always wanted to make a difference to their appearance but simply did not know from where to start. These great exercises will quickly increase the ratio of muscle mass and body fat, and build up strong and nicely toned lean muscles.


This is one of the best exercises to tone back and arm muscles. In the exercise the body is suspended by the arms, hands are gripping a bar, and the body weight is pulled up using the muscular effort. The wrists should be in the neutral position and the exercise is performed only with the upper body strength.


Push-ups are another great exercise to tone chest, shoulders and arm muscles. Push-ups are performed in a prone position by lowering the body using the arms. Back and legs are straight and off the floor and the exerciser uses a full range of motion with arms locked on the way up and nose pointed against the floor on the way down.


Squats are fantastic for toning leg muscles. This exercise targets the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks, and hamstrings, but it also strengthens the bones, ligaments and tendons. The best way to perform squats without weights is to place hands behind the head and bend the knees. The heels should be placed firmly on the floor while the knees and hips bend to lower the torso. The exerciser should then return to the upper position and repeat the movement for a number of times.


It is recommended to follow a 3 day a week routine based on these exercises. Each training should last for about a half an hour. Exercisers are advised to gradually increase the number of repetitions and later switch to more challenging exercisers. To get nicely tone muscles, exercisers should also stretch their muscles before and after each training. Stretching will loosen up muscles, improve blood circulation and increase overall range of motion. Therefore, it is a great way to prevent any injuries and remove muscular fatigue.

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