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Building muscles does not have to necessarily includeweights, which means that home can also be a gym if someone does not prefergyms and workout stations. To build muscles without weights only discipline isneeded, and that is no different from working with weights.


Additional weight is needed when we want to increase musclemass drastically. This does not mean that strength power is much higher thanpower gained from weightless exercises. Actually, there are no weightlessexercises. When building muscles without weights, there is weight, weight of thebody itself and that can sometimes be more than enough for the effective exercise.As for the types of exercise, push ups are something that cannot be skipped; actuallyit might be the most important exercise that can be done at home withoutweights. Why are push ups important? This workout does not only build up musclesin arms, but it also affects the muscles in back area and even abs, too. Abs and backare affected because those muscles have to be active for keeping the body instraight line. Legs are also slightly affected, especially if legs are crossed.Push ups can be done in so many ways that this exercise can never bore us orbecome uninteresting. Basic push up is just a start, but after a while, hardervariants can be done. Those would include positioning palms as wide aspossible, which emphasizes the use of the deltoid muscles. Triceps can also be done, and for increasing the strength of fingers and hands, push ups can be done onfists, three or only two fingers. One hand push up is very hard too, and it alsoneeds jerking the entire body, which is why this is such a great technique.Speed of performing push ups can be changed also. Push ups can be very fast,without raising torso to the highest position, or they can be done slowly, with thepause when at the peak position.

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Besides, the push ups, pull up is a great thing to do, although itrequires barbell to be positioned somewhere at home. This is a great exercisethat utilizes the entire weight of the body for pulling up. Body should beraised with the arms only, without the help of the body, although it is allowedin the beginning, when the arms are still not strong enough. This is a greatcomplementing exercise for push ups. Additional exercise should include triceps,squats and, of course, abdominal exercises. Those couple of techniques are basicfor building muscles without weight.

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