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Exercising at home and in a gym are two different things and the maindifference is in the lack of weights and working stations in home. Home workout without weights can be very effective if done properly, and to some point itcan replace weights. With the use of supplements, a great effect can be achieved,but for a high end bodybuilding, the gym is required.

Home and weights

Even though home exercises can prove to be effective, forthe best possible effect, exercise has to be performed properly. Basic home workoutswithout weight have to include push ups, pull-ups, squats, abs workout,crouches, etc. These several techniques, done with the maximum power and intensity in several different variations can result in a well-muscled body, especially, if those are done every day.

Push ups are very interesting workout technique because they don't only build up arms, but also back muscles and even abdominal muscles tosome point. For bulking chest muscles, push ups require hands to be positionedwide, even wider than shoulder level. When those hands are put one next toanother, triceps is bulked up. Also, push ups can be done with only one hand,which is very difficult and almost impossible for a beginner. Push ups can bedone with fingers and there are those that use three or even two fingers ofeach hand. Legs can be positioned at a higher level, which also adds additionalweight. The hardest push up to perform is reverse stand up push up. Some peoplecannot achieve this stage simply because a lot of balance is needed and notonly strength.

Pull-ups are also great, although this exercise does require barbell ina proper position. Hands position can also be different and because of that, different muscles group can be affected with this exercise. When it comes to a properexecution of pull-ups, weight should not be pulled up with the entire body jerk,only arms and hands should be used, since that creates the best possible effect.Abdominal muscles can also be bulked up to a high level; all that is needed aresome time and dedication. Squats should also be used, because the entire body hasto be worked out, and not only arms and torso.


Even though many think that only bodybuilders should usesupplements, that is simply not true. Fat burners, mass gainers, energy boosts,those can be used by all those who participate in some sort of physical activity.Of course, consultations with an expert should happen before starting with the use ofsupplements.

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