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There are specific exercises that target only one muscle group and there are exercises that activate several muscles group at the same time. It is quite obvious that exercising more groups at once may be more desireable but that might take mort time for the overall development of a certain muscle group. Exercising more groups at once is a characteristic of a cardio workout, like aerobics. Aerobics is characterized by the use of oxygen in a muscle contraction process, which makes the exercise last longer, due to the fact that oxygen helps in prevention of fast build up of lactic acid.


Focusing on certain areas is generally used in resistance training, for building selective muscle mass wherever it is needed. Increasing muscle mass happens with the help of additional weight (in a form of barbell and dumbbells, for example). Also, certain supplements are supposed to help this process. Those are energy boosters (they help with prolonging the duration of the training session), muscle mass gainers, fat burners if needed, vitamins etc. The most important thing when focusing on a particular area for more mass is to increase the weight lifted occasionally. This must be done in order allow the body to not get used to lifting same weight each time. When the weight is lifted too easiely, it must then be increased.


There are some areas in the body that might develop a bit slower than the others. A reason for that might be that fat tissue accumulates more, in some regions like the; stomach area, chest area, upper torso etc. The chest, because of pectoral muscles, can be very impressive when worked out to the max. In order to reach that state, it might be better to start from a beginning, with the most basic exercise – push ups. Push ups can be performed in several different ways. Most basic one would include positioning hands at the shoulder width, which affects all of the pectoral area. Hands can be very close one to another and that is excellent for triceps.

Except for push ups and other focusing forms, such as bench press performed with additional weight, there is also cardio workout, which is great for reducing the fat tissue, which is important when it comes to making the chest area perfect. Running, aerobics, stretching, all of these are also helping when it comes to making an attractive body with strong and fit chest.

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