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Patience is something of the past, in today’s society it is demanded of us to have every task completed quickly. This includes the work and our personal lives. Working out and building our muscle mass is also something that is expected to be done. If you want to build your muscles without the aid of supplements it can be done.

Supplements and Muscle Mass

Most people who want to build their muscles will use supplements to help them speed up the process coupled with a strong workout regime. The same, strong, firm muscle mass can be accomplished if you are following the right food intakes at the right time of day and you are following the correct workout regime.

Exercise Programs for Muscle Mass

Sometimes it can be very confusing to choose which exercise program to follow to gain the results you desire. There is an array of DVD exercises you can follow at home as well as being under the instruction of a fitness trainer who will probably show you how to lift weights. The weights will be assigned to you. As you reach higher levels in your fitness program you will be administered heavier weights. If you can do exercises that make you use more than one muscle group at a time that will, of course, speed up the process of building your muscle mass rather than working separately on one particular muscle group at a time.

Types of Muscle Groups for Exercise

Exercises will force you to use the muscles in your chest area as well as your shoulder and triceps muscles. Triceps push downs are exercises which concentrate on the single muscle. To gain the most out of your muscle building exercises, most fitness instructors will tell you that you need to use heavy weights. They think this way you will get the results the most quickly.

Other compound muscles building exercises are squats which are working on your calve muscles, your quads and your hamstrings. The dead lifts traps work on your hamstrings. Lower backbench press is an exercise useful for your chest and your shoulder muscle mass. The shoulder press, full ups biceps, and the bar dips are also supportive for your chest and shoulder muscles. If you want to begin with your shoulder muscles then you should do the shoulder press prior to doing any shrugs, or additional isolation exercise. You need to do around five exercises for each of your muscle groups.

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