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Workout can generally be divided into ones that utilizes only the weight of the body and also those where additional weight is used. When it comes to efficacy of both, it actually depends on the practitioner. If practitioner is a beginner, then it can be said that body's weight will be more than enough for creating some strength base.

No weight

Push ups and pull ups are performed for increasing the strength of the arms, but these exercises also raise the level of strength in shoulders and pectoral area as wellas the abs. When a practitioner feels that he or she can easily deal with the weight of the body, additional weight can be used. Dumbbells, barbell, medicine ball, resistance band, these all can be used in order to further increase the strength and also the muscle mass. A bulk up effect can be avoided, by not using heavy weights. Of course, for a bulk up effect you require a constant increase in additional weight. That will ensure the increase in the muscle cells and muscle fiber, but the most important thing is widening the space between the cells.

Additional weight

People who exercise at home usually use dumbbells simply because no extra space is required for keeping them and of course a lot of exercises can be done with them. All that is needed is a workout plan, dumbbells and a chair, perhaps a bench, if possible. With these things, most of the exercises that are performed in a gym, can be done at home. Arm exercises with free weights include bench press, shoulder press, bicep curls, triceps exercises, and squats can be performed etc. It is also important to exercise properly in order to create the best possible effect. Also, it is essential to perform all the variations of one exercise for developing the entire focused muscle area.

There are also exercises that do not use free weight directly but can benefit from it. For example, performing abdominal exercises with holding the weight on chest or abdomen will really emphasize toning of those muscles. Of course, weight must not be too heavy, because it might cause an injury. In order to increase the effectiveness of exercising even more, diet supplements should be used. Some of those are muscle mass gainers, energy boosters and muscle recovery products, which just might be the most important one for preparing the muscles for the next training session.

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