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Most people are pretty much aware of the fact that swimmingcan be very helpful for all those who want to burn abundant amounts ofcalories. So, all those who want to lose weight should definitely try swimming,because it is one of the best ways possible. The same can be said for all thosewho are trying to achieve a toned, fit physique. Swimming is perhaps the bestpossible way of achieving a toned, lean and strong body and also to get rid ofall excessive body fat. It is also one of the best cardiovascular exercises asit provides the workout for the entire body. Swimming is great, because it isthe most enjoyable way of burning calories. Even though most people are awareof the fact that swimming does indeed burn a lot of calories, they are usuallynot aware of the exact number of calories which get burned when a person swims.It is not that simple. There are different factors which determine the numberand affect it. The amount of distance swum is one of the main deciding factors.The amount of time a person spends to swim a certain distance is also veryimportant in determining the amount of calories burned. It is also of utmostimportant how many intermittent rest stops or intermittent breaks there areduring each swimming session. Not all person swim with the same amount ofintensity or effort, so that is also one of the main determining factors. Thereare also various different types of swim strokes which can be used, and theyare all associated with different amounts of calories burned. The weight of theswimmer is perhaps the most important determining factors. Of course, one needsto take all these factors into consideration.

How Many Calories areBurned While Swimming?

A person who weighs 60 kg and swims for 30 minutescontinuously using what is known as breast stroke will burn approximately 315calories. When a person who weighs swims for 30 minutes continuously using whatis normally referred to as back stroke, he or she will lose approximately 220calories. If a person who weighs 60 kg utilized the stroke called crawl for 30continuous minutes, he or she will lose somewhere around 250 calories. A personwho weighs 60 kg and uses the stroke called the butterfly stroke for 30continuous minutes, he or she will lose as much as 345 calories.roblems.

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