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Jogging is an activity that is said to burn a lot ofcalories, but we will see if this is true in the following lines. There areseveral factors that affect the number of calories burned during jogging. For the begging, there are many cardiovascular exercises and one of the mosteffective is jogging. This is an exercise that will promote weight loss in anatural way. The calories may be eliminated by doing these physically andmentally strenuous exercises. The nutrition of today is mostly based on sugarand the level of calories consumed may be reduced by doing jogging exercises.But many people are skeptical when these exercises are concerned andweather they really provide such results as they are thought to provide.

Factors affecting burning calories during jogging

One of the factors is the individual’s weight. This is one of the biggestfactors that contribute to the number of calories burned during jogging. Morecalories will be burned if the person is obese, while fewer calories are burnedby thin people.Also, direction and pace affect the burning of calories. Thesefactors also greatly influence the number of calories burned. More calorieswill be burned if you jog uphill than downhill or on a flat pane.The wayof jogging also affects the number of burned calories. More calories will beburned if you take smaller steps in a faster rate. So if you do longer steps ina slower rate, you will bur less calories.Metabolic rate influences the numberof burned calories. Logically, low metabolic rate will burn fewer calories thanhigh metabolic rate.Next factor is the lifestyle, which is actually not suchgreat impact factor. Persons who are physically fit and used to exercising willburn fewer calories than those who are not accustomed to working out. Bodycan get used to the activity and this will reduce the number of burned caloriesdue to the jogging exercises.

Jogging Calories Burned

There are a number of calories we can burn during one hour of jogging and we canpredict this number when we consider the mentioned factors. So you will burnfrom 580 to 600 calories if you have from 140 to 160 pounds and you run for 4.5to 5 miles during one hour. The number of calories will increase to a numberranging from 710 to 730 if you have from 190 to 200 pounds. But if youhave approximately 250 pounds, you will burns from 870 to 900 calories. We advise you to engage in this great exercise, which will make you mentally andphysically fit.

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