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It is easy to say that less energy taken in than energy spent in a day induces loss of weight and leads to a healthier life. It is easy to say that there are gyms everywhere and good and cheap diets on internet, but the problem is with the mind itself. How to trick it to do a right thing?


When it comes to workout, there are three major problems, one is money (for gym, weights, gear etc), another is time (going to a gym usually requires a lot of time) and the third problem would be overall laziness. People who are not used to practice any physical activity cannot be easily persuaded to start in order to reduce extra weight. One thing that might be done is to start with some favorite activity.

Alot of people like swimming and going to swimming pool, beaches etc. But does swimming burn calories? Of course it does and it is actually one of the activities with the highest value of burnt calories (ranging from about 350 to more than 800 per hour). But the good thing is that people like the feeling of relaxation when they are in water and that is something that does not happen with standard exercises. Of course, it would be a good thing to actually swim as much as possible and not only float in the water. Also, some calories are also spent on keeping the body warm. This means that colder water will burn more calories, although the temperature should be optimal.

Another interesting thing related to water is related to the exercises that can be performed in water. This is great for people with a lot of extra weight. When practicing something out of water, joints can be hurt, especially those on legs, because they have to carry the entire weight, which increases when jumping, stretching, doing squats etc. This cannot happen in water and the effect is even better, because while exercising, water resistance has to be subdued also, which of course means that more calories arespent.

Good thing with swimming is that it really exhausts, especially if a person was active in water. This means that no strict diet should be applied, although it is highly recommendable to avoid junk food and eat only health food, poultry meat, fish, veggies, fruit, low fat dairy products etc.


Well, this might be the toughest one to beat. Simply put, wanting to be active is not enough. Being active requires a change of heart and mind, transferring focus from bad habits to discipline. It is not easy, it takes a lot, but it can give a lot too, a healthy life, for start.

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