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Calories burned per one day mostly depend upon a lot of circumstances that are unique to every individual. There is no certain way that can precisely calculate the amount of calories that you burn. Even though, you might not know the precise quantity of calories burned per one day, it is certain that you can get a rough idea about how your body makes use of the calories during the day.Do I Burn Calories Without Exercise?

The amount of calories burned in regular daily activities depends upon the sort of activity that you do. If you do the office work, the sort of work decides a lot about the amount of calories which get burned. Inactive way of life amounts to fewer calories burned daily. On the other hand, the vigorous or physically active way of living means more calorie combustion. With an inactive way of life that includes a nine to five hour office work, you will probably burn approximately 1500 calories.

Do I Burn Calories if I Do Nothing?

Watching TV, reading a book, walking around, sleeping, etc. are still actions that are enabling calorie combustion. If you think about an average 30 years old man who is 5' 10'' tall and 150 lbs heavy, then throughout a day he will probably burn about 70 calories for an hour, which means that he will burn 1632 calories per day just by staring at the TV. If he drinks cold water while watching Television, he will probably burn additional calories, because a number of calories are needed to elevate the temperature of the sipped water to equate it to the temperature of his body. If he includes some mild activity during the day, he might be able to burn as many as 90 calories per hour. For the same activities, an average woman burns 1400 calories, and if adding some light activity, then 1900 per a day.

How Many Calories do I Burn in a Day at Rest?
Your body burns calories while you are sleeping or resting. Amount of calories combusted during the rest depends on your body metabolism. Fast metabolism means fast combustion of calories. Average person burns about 380 calories throughout an eight hour sleep. Watching TV or reading the book, will enable your body to burn more calories. If you are resting, your body burns approximately 68 calories on every hour, which means approximately 1500 calories per day. Combustion of calories depends on the gender. Women burn fewer calories than men.

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