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Water aerobics are excellent because they may easily duplicate all the land exercise regimes. One may burn a lot of calories in a session of water aerobics. Water aerobics is actually a simulation of the land based aerobics which are normally performed in a gym and it has been very popular over the last few years, mainly due to the fact that it provides numerous different types of advantages and benefits.

Benefits of water aerobics

One of the most important advantages, which usually attract the biggest number of people, is the significant amount of calories which can be burned during the sessions. There are a large number of people who were interested in indulging in aerobic exercises but they did not like them or the sessions did not suit them properly. Those people should try water aerobics instead. Other benefit of water aerobics is that it has almost no impact on the joints at all, mostly due to the fact that the water is responsible for displacing up to 85 percent of weight.

Who can practice water aerobics?

It is not necessary to know how to swim in order to practice water aerobics. The amount of water determines the amount of weight which water displaces and it also determines the fitness level, and the size, weight and age of people which are suited for it. Some classes of water aerobics require laps of swimming for only a couple of minutes, but there are still certain programs which do not include swimming and can be suited to anyone’s personal needs and preferences. Water aerobics is an excellent workout because of the natural resistance of the water. It is also due to that fact that it also makes it possible to burn a substantial amount of calories.

How many calories burned in water aerobics?

Any type of exercise is efficient in burning a certain amount of calories. The number of calories burned during a water aerobics session is determined by the intensity of the workout, the depth of the water and several other factors. An average session of water aerobics consumes somewhere around 80 calories. An intense session of water aerobics may burn from 450 to 700 calories. As the water gets deeper, the more calories get burned. The more weight a person has, the more calories he or she will burn. A person who weighs 160 lbs he or she will burn somewhere around 280 calories.

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