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If you are considering making a positive change and taking up swimming, this is an excellent choice. Namely, swimming is one of the best physical activities for your body, engaging all of your muscles without any heavy impact on your joints. It is a great aerobic activity which will keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and well-functioning, promoting good health.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is probably the best possible choice for all who desire to lose their excessive weight. Many people claim that swimming cannot help you lose your weight. Yet, this is not true since, when combined with an adequate diet and lifestyle, swimming can help you get rid of those pounds and tone your muscles in no time. At the same time, swimming will make your heart stronger and healthier, preventing many illnesses which might affect your cardiovascular system.

Gentle on your joints, swimming does not trigger the wear and tear process that other aerobic activities, like running, for example, do. Therefore, you can enjoy swimming even when you suffer from joint problems.

Your Swimming Routine

When you start a swimming routine, you need to bear in mind that time spent in the water is far more important than the speed or the distance. Therefore, just keep swimming and do not worry about your performance. Anything from 30 to 60 minutes of swimming from 3 to 4 times a week is recommended, keeping you safe from strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels in the blood.

A good thing to do while you are swimming is to monitor your heart rate. Your maximum recommended heart rate, if you are a healthy adult individual, is 220 minus your age. So, once you start swimming, after every round, monitor your heart rate by checking your pulse and counting the beats for 10 seconds and multiplying the result by 6.

As far as other necessary items you need, when you go to your swimming sessions, wearing a swim suit which is durable and comfortable is definitely a plus. Newer models of swimming suits are made of polyester and do not fade that easily. Thus, these might be your optimal choice.

You can also use goggles and fins, in order to enhance your swimming experience. Try many goggles on before you settle for a pair of adequate ones since you need to find the ones fitting your perfectly.

Finally, a pull buoy a kickboard or hand paddles may all be purchased and used during your swimming sessions.

As for the swimming itself, take it easy. Swim for 30 seconds and then rest for the same amount of time, repeating the process 10 times. Then, move on to kicking below the water and perform this in the same manner as the previous exercise. Watch your timing, introduce variety into your exercising and do not swim too slow. On the other hand, never advance by more than 10% during each new session. Sometimes, swimming with a partner can make the whole event more interesting. Ultimately, if you happen not to be familiar with certain swimming techniques, ask a professional trainer to help you.

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