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We all love to swimand it is not only an enjoyable exercise, it is also healthy. While we swim, weactually strengthen our muscles, burn calories and the chances for damaging ourjoints are minimal. This kind of exercise is good even for older people.

Historicalfacts tell us that people swim since the ancient days. Babies are able to swimfrom the very first day of their life, which tells us that the swimming skill issomething that we inherit. However, don’t experiment with your baby at home,because the consequences can be fatal.

When you want to swim,it is essential to learn different swimming strokes, so that you can do itright. Well-known swimming strokes are: the crawl (freestyle), the backstroke,the breaststroke and the butterfly. The most difficult swimming strokes are thebreaststroke and the butterfly.

The Crawl

This kind of swimmingstroke is very famous and it is easy to learn. The crawl is performed byrotating your arms and kicking your legs while your stomach is floating in thewater. The breathing technique here can be the only problem since your head isunder the water most of the time. Someone can find it hard to coordinate themovements with the breathing. When you raise one arm, you should also turn yourhead on side, in order to take a breath. You shouldn’t lift your head becausethat will slow you down, just turn it aside, so that your nose is out of thewater. When you raise your other arm, turn your head on the other side and dothe same.

The Backstroke

This technique is similarto the crawl, only with the difference that here you are turned on your back. The same as in the crawl,you move your arms alternatively and your legs are kicked in a flutteringmotion. Only the movements of your legs should be more intense than in the crawl.Breathing is not a problem here, because your face is out of the water all thetime.

The Breaststroke

This swimming techniqueis not adequate for beginners. Here it is very important to coordinatestrokes and the breathing, which can be very hard. You should start with thearms up over your head and then pull them to your chest through the water. Thenyou straighten your legs and put your head down. You should take a breath everytime your arms are up.

The Butterfly Stroke

This is also a very hard technique and has manysimilarities with the breaststroke. Here you should move your legs in the samemanner like a dolphin is moving its tail. The arms are pulled through the watertogether but take a breath when your arms are high above your head.

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