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The elliptical machines are very useful for the burning of calories and we know that they can burn a lot of them, which is why they will be topic of the following article. The elliptical or cross-trainer is an elliptical machine that comes in many forms. These machines do not apply a lot of pressure on the joints and they simulate running or walking. This is a very good and efficient machine, which is more efficient than the treadmill. This is due to the less pressure applied on the joints and the low-level risk of injury involved. Also, this stationary machine lets you choose the intensity of the workout for yourself, from light to high.

Calories Burned

Next we will see how much calories we can really burn on one of these machines. At the beginning, we have to say that several factors determine this number. Some of them are tension settings used on the machine, interval training and the time spent working out. Also, the body determines the number of calories burned, so some of the factors associated with the human body are upper body usage, sex, weight, muscle to fat ratio, and other attributes of the body composition. Also, the state of the cardiovascular system will affect the level of burned calories. This is associated with the level of fitness and the fact if the person is exercising or not. In the following lines, we will deal with the numbers associated with working out on elliptical machine. If a woman of 150 pounds exercises on the elliptical machine for a half an hour, she will burn approximately 387 calories. For the same time, men with body mass of 180 pounds will burn around 480 calories. Amount of 310 calories can be burned by a woman of 120 pounds by working out for a half an hour on this machine. The total number of calories that a person can burn for one hour is 720 and this is a number given by the manufacturer. Some machines can put on the display the number of calories burned, but if they do not you can enter your weight, time spent exercising and other relevant information and get the number of burned calories.


There are some ways in which the number of calories burned on these machines can be increased. Try to increase the incline interval for 30 seconds every couple of minutes. This will reduce the distance but increase the burning of the calories. Also you can divide the workout into two sessions; for instance, in the morning and in the evening, for maximum workout. You should change the motion of the workout and try to switch backward and forward. Taking some weight during the exercising will increase the number of burned calories and build arm muscles. Although treadmill is the most popular machine for fat burning, elliptical machine will burn more calories.

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