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Exercising today is for the many people a common thing. And thatis a good thing, because exercising keeps our body in shape and away from somemedical problems. Why is excessive fat so dangerous? Simply put, it issomething that does not belong to our body, an excessive weight that brings nothingbut trouble. Besides the lost shape of the body, there are some serious medical problemsthat might emerge. Let’s just mention diabetes, increased blood pressure, heartproblems, increased cholesterol, triglycerides etc. The best thing to do whenit comes to eliminating the fat is using the combination of exercises and diets.


There is not a better way to burn calories than to exercise.With keeping the body active, the basal metabolism is active too, and it enhancesthe processes in body that turn fat into glucose, which is a form that our cellsuse for nutrition; for example, the brain can only use glucose and nothing else.With exercising, if there is not much glucose coming from food (thanks todieting), then fat has to be used. The problem is that there are sometimes some sidechemicals in those processes created by transforming fat into glucose, soexercising and dieting must not be severe, but moderate and controlled. As forthe type of exercise that is the best possible, well it depends. Would it mattermuch to say that swimming burns a lot of calories if someone is not able to go to the swimming pool or beach every day? Whatever exercise used, it is importantto know that all of the exercises do burn calories, and that each training sessionmust last for at least 45 minutes. It is proven that with moderate tempo,calories start to burn after 30 minutes. Also, it is important to choose someexercises that you actually like, because training should not last for onlycouple of weeks or months, it is something that should be a regular part of dailyactivities for the entire life.

Helping methods

Besides exercising, a diet should be included if we want toeliminate that fat in no time. Diets and exercising should complement eachother, so that exhaustion does not come, which is a problem because trainingsessions would have to be canceled, diet too until a person feels well again,and that also slows down the basal metabolism and the overall weight losingprocess, meaning that after the recovery, a new start is needed. Wanting to have strong and healthy body is simply notenough, something has to be done about it. Calories burned during the exercises willhelp us in that process.

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