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Yoga is an excellent type of exercise and it provides the person with numerous advantages and connects one to his or her inner self. Not everyone observes yoga from such a point of view. There are a large number of people who are only interested in the amount of calories they may burn by practicing yoga. Some others are only interesting in finding out whether yoga can provide them with an appropriate cardio workout. There are a few different varieties of yoga, and they all provide the person with different sorts of benefits.

Different Varieties of Yoga

The first type of yoga discussed here is the one called Ashtanga. Ashtanga is a term which refers to eight limbs and traces back to eight religious practices of the Yoga Sutras. For those who are not familiar with the term, Yoga Sutras is the original yoga text that is pretty much relevant. It involves 6 different set series of postures which increasingly progress into one another. By practicing Ashtanga Yoga for an hour, a person may lose up to 300 calories. That equals an hour of walking at a faster pace.

Power yoga is an American version of the aforementioned Ashtanga Yoga and it involves much faster transitions between different poses involved. This variety of yoga may also utilize sessions which are shorter than the session of other varieties of yoga. The pace is obviously quicker than all other yoga varieties, but the amount of calories burned for an hour or practicing is pretty much the same as the amount burned practicing Ashtanga Yoga.

Another variety of yoga is the one referred to as Hatha Yoga. It is one of the milder varieties of yoga and it is actually the most commonly practiced type of yoga. Hatha Yoga utilizes fundamental postures and some advanced respiration techniques too. This variety of yoga burns significantly less calories than Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga.

It is somewhere around 175 calories per hour of practicing. This amount of calories can be burned by an hour of slow walking. Vinyasa Yoga utilizes affiliations between different postures and it is rather dynamic. When a person practices Vinyasa Yoga for an hour, he or she may burn up to 445 calories. That can be compared to riding a bike moderately for an hour. Another variety of yoga worth mentioning here is the one called Bikram Yoga. It involves heated environments and 26 different postures. An hour of practicing may burn up to 630 calories.

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