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Swimming is a great way to get exercise. It is healthy, fun, challenging way to exercise. Anyone can swim, or learn to swim. This is appropriate for people of all ages. Swimming can play an especially important role in the physical fitness routine of the elderly. Swimming is low impact, which makes it ideal for those who are unable to bear the high impact and joint stress of jogging or running. Some people say that it is impossible to lose weight through swimming.

However, if swimming is combined with a healthy diet, it is possible to lose weight in a similar manner to other physical activities. For people who are overweight, it is a good idea to undertake a swimming routine, as it alleviates excess stress on the joints. Swimming also provides a total body workout.

Swimming as an exercise routine
Before embarking on a swimming routine, it might be an idea to consult a medical professional or physician. Make sure that you start slowly and stick to your limits. As you get fitter, the limits of how hard and how long you train can be increased. With regard to swimming, speed and distance are less important than the amount of time spent swimming. About thirty to sixty minutes of physical activity, for three to four days each week, is recommended in order to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Regular physical activity can help with the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol.
One might consider the possibility of monitoring the heart rate whilst swimming. Find out your maximum heart rate. The normal maximum heart rate is 220 minus the age of the individual. Make sure to check the maximum heart rate routinely. Ensure that you check your pulse and, if necessary, use a clock to count your heart beats during a ten second period.
Make sure that you ease into the swimming routine. Try to swim for about thirty seconds before getting thirty seconds worth of rest. Do this ten times. Trying a kicking routine might also help. Pick up some fins and kick for thirty seconds. Make sure to get thirty seconds rest, and if necessary, try a kickboard. These boards are not expensive and last forever, so it is possible to buy one without incurring undue expense.It might be advisable to also add variety to your routine. As you get stronger, increase the exercise time and reduce the resting time.

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