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Weight reduction might become an obsession for some people, especially if they are not applying their diet properly or if they are not exercising. For people who suffer from obesity, it is essential to use both diet and increased physical activity.


How to diet properly? First of all, goals need to be set, which means that a person needs to know how much he wants to lose. As for diets, there are two major types, a fast diet and a slow, healthier one. Fast diet can help with eliminating a lot of extra pounds, although it might not be as healthy as it should be. This means that the fat burning process that starts can be very intensive and that might even affect proteins. Not only that, there is chance of some toxic substances being created, which can be a real problem. Those substances can create real complications if they enter certain organs, the brain more specifically. This happens when the difference between energy taken and energy needed is very high and that is exactly what happens in fast diet. Energy intake is usually based on reducing the fats and carbohydrates.

A plan

A good plan should contain two parts, two phases. Phase number one would be the mentioned fast diet for initial big loss of extra weight. Another problem with this diet is that those extra pounds can return easily if there is no back up plan. Some people usually return to old habits when it comes to eating and that can dissolve the effects of the fast diet. Therefore, another diet should be started, the one that is much healthier and balanced, right after the fast diet. This will enable the continuance of the fat burning process, but since the energy intake is significantly higher, there is no health risk. This second diet should be used for as long as needed, until the last pound is gone, and that is the second phase. The ratio of nutrients must be set at the level that does not pose a threat for the body and that fulfills all the body's needs.

It is also recommended to get some expert advice, especially when it comes to dieting, because people tend to make mistakes when it comes to total energy value allowed daily. They tend to decrease that value too much in order to lose weight faster, but that can only be counterproductive.

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