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Dieting today has evolved into something more than just amethod of regulating weight. There are literally hundreds of diets withhundreds of different food types. Discussing the healthy side of diets is a bitpointless; most of them are based on smaller intake of food in order to reducethe amount of energy body needs, so that, the body turns to its own reserves infat tissue.


Obesity is an illness that affects more and more people eachday. Even though excessive weight is gained easily and in only few months bodyweight can be increased drastically, reducing the weight is not such a fastprocess. It is not fast if we are talking about regular, healthy diets that tryto reduce couple of pounds per week, with energy intake just a bit under theamount of energy spent. But there are also diets that are all about quick and effectiveweight loss, and you can freely call it starvation. Crash diet is a type of dietthat will allow loss of much more pounds than with standard diets. The problemis that usually crash diets last for no more than a week. There are several dietsthat last longer than that, but health might be seriously endangered in thosecases.

Planning a crash diet

Crash diet plans should be thoroughly defined dueto fact that really small amount of calories is inserted and it has to be usedwisely. This means that no intensive physical activity is allowed whenexecuting a crash diet plan. Some people try to boost the effect of a crashdiet with exercises, but that is not a good thing to do. Organism is already understrain because of a diet, no more exertion is needed. People experienced incrash dieting do not recommend going out with friends for a dinner or somethingsimilar, because it is hard for someone on a crash diet to watch their friendsor partners who eat normal amounts of food.

One good example of a crash diet is a diet with cabbagesoup and a good thing about this particular diet is that you can eat that soup asmuch as you like, whenever you like. The bad thing is there is not much otherthings you can eat except cabbage. Atkins diet is all about the value of eaten carbohydrates,which must not exceed 20 grams. It revolves around eating proteins and fat, butno carbohydrates. When creating a crash diet plan, the only thing you reallymust do first is consult a doctor to see if you can even start with a diet.Some organisms are simply not cut out for crash diets.

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