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What about those people who are simply not willing to participate in any kind of physical activity other than usual house chores orwalking to the store, office etc? For them, the only viable plan is dieting.So, what would be the best healthy diet meal plan for you and all others who are willing to fight obesity with the help of healthy and controlled eating?

A plan

This is something that should be planned out carefully. Itis all based on the value of calories that can be taken with food on a dailybasis. For men, this value should be about 2000 calories, while that value forwomen should not exceed 1500. This numbers represents a relatively healthyand balanced program. Why relatively? Because each time less energy than neededthrough calories is inserted into the body, this starts a process of fatburning for compensating that lack of energy. When this difference is not big,it is not a problem for the organism to handle, but when it is big, then theorganism starts to save the fat and it finds the energy from muscle cells,reducing the muscle mass eventually. This is what usually happens with fastdiets and that is why those should be avoided, if possible.

This is also why a controlled and slow dieting is needed for allthose who want to reduce their weight efficiently and to keep it like that for along time. Healthy diet meal plan must includes at last 5 meals in a day, meaning that the amount of food in the meals must be reduced, because the number ofmeals is increased. Also, the structure of those meals must be based on a properratio of basic nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Meals must havevegetables, fruits, fresh and healthy meat, fish, whole grains, etc. Dairyproducts are allowed, but it would be wise to use low fat milk and otherproducts. Fruits are excellent as snacks and many experts recommend taking fruitslike grapefruit in the morning, because it can soak up the toxins that accumulated during the night.

Solving the problem

Since people who cannot afford time for exercising usuallydo not have much time for preparing food either, in those cases, they should try purchasing already made dieting meals. There are more and morecompanies which are creating this kind of meals, all that is needed is to find aquality brand.

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