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Dieting is something many people use today for fighting obesity. Even though everyone knows basic facts regarding dieting, there are still some things that should to be known.
Diet is used for weight reduction. In order to achieve that, less food must be consumed to decrease the total value of calories. Calories are needed because they are the main source of energy for our cells. If there is a lack of calories, the difference has to be compensated somehow. First thing that is done is depletion of the glycogen reserves. After that, if more is needed, glucose as the main source of calories is taken from fat tissue, which is actually a fat burning process. This is a problematic moment, because if this process is very intensive, not only fat tissue, but proteins are affected by the same process as well. Also, certain toxic substances can be created, which could be very dangerous to the body including the brain and blood cells. This usually happens in fasting diets.
Diet and pounds
There is fasting, crash diets and slower healthier ones. So, how to decide which one is the best? How to diet successfully? The point is not in the choice of a diet, but in the mind of a person using a diet. This means that the true strength of a diet is in the patience, determination, faith, positive thoughts, mental will, etc. Each and every diet is not easy to keep. This is because we do not like being told what we can or cannot eat. When we accept certain facts, diet may not be a problem. Fast diets might be easier to handle, even though the success is questionable. This means that many pounds can be lost in a couple of weeks, but the problem begins after the diet. Usually people have enough strength and will to go through a couple of weeks of strict rules, but when that is over, they tend to return to their old eating habits, thinking that the lost pounds will remain lost. Without an additional plan, or a new healthy and balanced diet, a fast diet usually fails even though the initial weight reduction is impressive. It can be said that a long-term plan is needed for a weight reduction process to be successful and for those pounds to stay away for good.

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