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Why is metabolism so important?

The importance of the healthy metabolism and the healthy metabolic rate in every successful dietary regime has been already stressed out a lot. That is means that the process of decomposing the eaten foods and the absorption of the basic and the beneficial nutrients from them is the key and the basis of losing the excessive weight the natural way. That is, more calories are burnt and the organism starts to use the stored fat as the fuel for the energy of the body.

The five types of the diets for the improved metabolism

However, the dietitians and the nutritionists reached the conclusion that there is the five groups of the organisms, according to the five kinds of the irregularities of the metabolism, and they are the following: the one coming from the disrupted functions of the liver, the one caused by the disruption of the hormonal secretion, the one due to the increased sensitivity to carbs, and the other to some foods, and, finally, the metabolic syndrome itself. Of course, every single one disorder should be treated with the appropriate, carefully balanced dietary regime, and, additionally, in all the cases, the treatment must be followed with the regular workouts, the work on the mental stability and even the optimism plays an important role.

For all the types of disorders, the diet should be based on the oil extracted from olives, the whole grain bakery products, the fat-free milky products, the fruits that are low in sugars (e.g. grapes and bananas are to be avoided), raw veggies, legumes, the foods rich in proteins (such as eggs, for example), salmon and avocado. Those are, basically, all the foods that are rich in nutrients, which don’t contain the complex molecules and which are easy to be digested.

So, here is the example of the diet appropriate for the individuals who suffer from the metabolic syndrome. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that at least five meals should be eaten on a daily basis, but they shouldn’t be big as when eating the three standard meals. In the mornings, the increased intake of the proteins is recommendable, while for lunch the white meat from turkey, tomato, the fat-free cheese, the black beans and even a little bit of mayo, could be combined. And, the evening meal may include one baked potato, spinach, salmon and, the compulsory salad from the fresh veggies.

Although these types of rather the restrictive diets are very hard to be followed and a lot of the time is usually spent in the kitchen; it is all worth the effort, since these diets are not only effective on a longer run, but they are also medically proven to be healthy.

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