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When it comes to weight loss process, it has to be said thatit cannot be one hundred percent healthy. This means that the only method tolose weight naturally is by increasing the level of physical activity. Withthis and with healthy eating, nothing more will be needed. However, there arediets and somehow people tend to turn to them first before anything else. Thisis probably because of the fact that more or less, all people spend some timein the kitchen daily, so preparing healthy meals for a diet will not create anychanges in a daily schedule.


Fast and slow diets, those would be two basic groups ofdiets, based on the time needed for weight to be lost. It has to be said thatfast diets are very effective but they should not last for very long; two weeksis a maximum. This is because of the fact that some rapid weight loss side effects mightoccur. In order to understand those effects, some diet basics should be known.All diets are based on reducing the value of calories taken through the food. With this,less energy will be distributed throughout the organism and that must becompensated somehow. First source of additional energy is glycogen. When thatis depleted, all that is left is excessive fat tissue. Thus, fat burningprocess begins and that is the goal of both dieting and exercising. What arethe possible problems? There are some side products that might emerge during thiscompensation process, and those substances are toxic and might even cause someserious harm to certain organs in the organism, starting with brain. Also, exhaustionmight occur, because sometimes the energy gained from the fat tissue in theorganism is simply not enough, especially if a person is also exercising.


That is why slow diet is a much better choice when it comesto dieting. There is also a difference in energy intake and output but on amuch lower level. This is a healthier option for the organism and a type ofeating that can be used for a long time. This can also be labelled as healthy,balanced eating. With 5 meals a day, the metabolism will always be active, constantly using the energy and also,hunger will not be a problem because of frequent eating. It can be said that normal and controlled eating with increasedphysical activity is the best method for reducing the excessive fat tissue.

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