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Dieting can almost be presented as a form of art. There are so many different types of diet; different food types are used in each, but basically, they all depend on one process and that is fat burning. Fat burning process begins when the energy intake is lower than the energy required daily. Fat burning process uses glycogen first and when it is depleted, fat is dissolved. Actually, fat cells are only being reduced to a minimal volume and they are not destroyed as many might think. This means that whenever weight is gained, new fat cells have been created and they will remain for good.
Types of diets
There are two major diet types. Fast diets are mostly used and they can be very effective. This is because they are very strict and last for about two weeks, not more, because the energy deficiency might be too much for the health status of the person. The problem here is that the fat burning process might induce production of some toxic substances, which might cause havoc in the body. Good examples for this diet are Atkins and cabbage soup diet. They cannot be called easy diets, since the intake of carbs is set at a very low level. But Atkins diet might be a bit easier for all those who enjoy meat, since that diet is based on a high intake of proteins. Cabbage soup is not as tasty and might be a bit less popular, although it is relatively healthy, since cabbage contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.
It is obvious that for a diet to be called the best one, it has to include delicious food. This is a bit of a problem, especially if healthy food has to be included in the menu. All that is left is to use different spices in order to make a meal tasteful. Actually, it might be true that the best diet is the one that fits the individual best, depending on eating habits and taste. So the best easy diets might come from fast diets (Atkins, for example) or from the second type of diets, those that emphasize healthy eating and balanced menus. Balanced means that there are all nutrients included in a daily menu, although carbs are usually slightly decreased in order for a fat burning process to start.
In order to create delicious food, the addition of spices may be necessary, to help make some less popular diet more appealing.

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